As the weather starts to heat up I find myself reaching for the lower strength, session ales. This is one of the first recipes I put together to produce a lightly hopped sessionable beer with a focus on drinkability.

This particular recipe was developed to squeeze out as much volume as possible from a brew day on the Grainfather. Final volume into the fermenter was 45L @ SG1.042, but I’ve scaled the recipe back for this blog post.

Batch Details

Batch Size Boil SRM Est. OG Est. FG Est. ABV
23L 60min 5.9 1.043 1.010 4.3%


Name Amount %
Gladfield Ale Malt 2.5kg 59.5%
Simpson Golden Promise 1.5kg 35.7%
Gladfield Medium Crystal (~40L) 0.2kg 4.8%


Single infusion mash @ 66C for 60min.


Hop Time Amount AA% IBU
Dr Rudi 45min 5g 11% 6.0IBU
Citra Whirlpool – 15min @ 80C 15g 12% 0-5IBU
Amarillo Whirlpool – 15min @ 80C 20g 9.2% 0-5IBU
Citra 4 Days 15g 12% 0
Amarillo 4 Days 20g 9.2% 0


Fermented at 19C with an adequate pitch of BRY-97 (US-05 or even Nottingham could be substituted here). Temperate was ramped 1C per day starting from day 4 and held at 22C for a D-Rest. Dry hops added on day 6. Cold crashed and fined with Biofine to produce a crystal clear beer.

Session Ale


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